Punlop Gazang Dargay Rinpoche’s Death Anniversary

bskal bzang zhing gi rnam ‘dren mchog sras kyi.

bgrod lam dar rgyas dri med shel bum du.

smin grol bcud khengs bla med mngon mtho ba’i.

yongs ‘dzin bstan pa’I bdag nyid gsol ba ‘debs.

gsang gsum mi ‘gyur gyung drung bon brtan cing.

mdzad ‘phrin bzded don ‘bad med lhun ‘grub shog.




         Punlop Gazang Dargay Rinpoche’s photograph and offerings

      July 6th was the 27th anniversary of the death of Gazang Dargay Rinpoche, who was the first Punlop of the great Domey Yungdrung Bon Dpal Shenden Gamal Monastery. At this special memorial celebration, at Gamal monastery’s school for the explanation and practice of sutra and mantra, one hundred ganachakras of Tsewang Poyulma were offered.



          School for the explanation and practice of sutra and mantra

     Khenchen Sherab Yungdrung Wanggyal Rinpoche, Punlop Sherab Tharchen Rinpoche, the second Drublop Sherab Yungdrung Tsultrim Rinpoche, and the third Drublop Sherab Lundrub Gyaltsen Rinpoche, along with more than fifty lamas and monks, attended the memorial celebration to make extensive outer inner and secret offerings.